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Everything You Need To Know About Getting A Brazilian Blowout


Have you ever considered getting a Brazilian blowout, but you have no idea what the process is like? I was honored to visit Rob Peetoom’s newest luxury salon in New York for the treatment so that I could explain the process to all of you. My hair mastermind and personal friend, Amy Clarke, is the top colorist and hairdresser at the Rob Peetoom salon in Brooklyn, and she took care of me during this visit.

brazilian blowout processing

The first question Amy asked me once I sat down was how straight I was looking to go. Brazilian blowouts are super customizable to your liking: You can keep your curls, or get rid of them temporarily (which is usually my choice). Once we reached a decision, we started the Brazilian blowout treatment. If you’re anything like me, I like to know the ins and outs of everything happening when I go to the salon, so I’ve broken down the process for you. (Don’t worry girl, I got you!)

Before The Brazilian Blowout Process

This is what my hair looked like prior to the Brazilian blowout process. I thought it would be good to include the “before” picture so you can truly appreciate what my hair looked like after!

Step 1: Clarifying Shampoo

brazilian blowout clarifying shampoo

Clarifying shampoo takes out all the product build-up in your hair and allows your hair shaft to absorb the most out of your treatment — no need to condition. You want your hair follicles as product free as possible, so we rinsed thoroughly. After washing, Amy patted my hair dry to get rid of excess water.

Step 2: Adding In The Brazilian Blowout Treatment

While my hair was damp, Amy applied the treatment in one-inch sections, making sure that each section received the same amount of product. She then brushed out each section to evenly distribute the treatment. 

Step 3: Blow Dry & Straighten

After my hair was covered with a thin layer of the treatment, Amy blowdried my hair in small sections. (She emphasized that the blow drying needs to be done with a boar bristle brush, and not a metal bristle brush.)

She then straightened each section seven times at 400 degrees in no more than half-inch sections. This step is why we had that talk at the beginning of the process. The more times you flatiron a section, the straighter your hair stays. “We want to bake the treatment into hair, not burn the product in,” she notes.

Once we straightened my hair, Amy trimmed my split ends because they were super visible after straightening.

Step 4: Rinse Out

Yup, you heard that right. After the treatment, blow dry, and straightening, you have to rinse out your hair. It broke my heart to watch all of Amy’s hard work go away, but you have to trust the process. Once my hair was rinsed out, Amy patted my hair dry, and we headed back to the chair to blow dry one last time (I promise!).

All done!

After that second blow dry, my hair felt silky smooth. It felt like virgin hair! I was so impressed by the blow out time: We went from 25 minutes the first time to less than 10 minutes the second. (That’s a new record for my thick hair. Woot woot!) Overall, the process took about two hours.

Brazilian Blowout Takeaways

Overall, I’m in awe of how fast my hair blow dried. It was one of the main reasons I wanted to get the Brazilian blowout treatment done. I’m super busy, so anyway I can get ready faster is a win in my book. I was also amazed at how healthy my hair felt. My ends usually feel so coarse and dry because I bleach it about once a month. Even five days post-Brazilian blowout, not even New York’s rainy weather can prevent my hair from looking fresh and frizz-free.

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